The Person

Who are you? Hi, I’m Arwen (they/them)! I’m a displaced New Yorker living in southern California, where I’ve been for the past decade. I have a cat and two leopard geckos, all of whom I would die for. My hobbies include gaming (video and tabletop), art, karaoke, and just being generally chaotic.

They/them? Yep, those are my pronouns! I am non-binary, which means my gender isn’t male or female. Every non-binary person will identify themselves differently, but I feel the most comfortable with identifying as outside of the traditional gender spectrum. I am simply “none of the above.” Still confused? The National Center for Trans Equality has a great read on what it means to be non-binary and how to be respectful of non-binary people.

This section is still under construction! Check back soon!