Looking back on online dating 1

My friend Meghan recently started her own blog to document her misadventures with online dating. Reading the few posts she has so far brought me back to fond memories of a time when I dabbled in online dating. Well, I shouldn’t really say “dabbled”; I spent a good two or three solid years on okcupid. […]

I’m the ex who got fat 5

This post is hard for me to write. I’ve had it rolling around in my brain for a couple weeks now, and I’ve been procrastinating on putting it into physical words. This is a subject that I’ve been fully aware of for the past several years, but it makes me uncomfortable to face. When you […]

Back to my old stomping grounds 2

Last weekend, I visited New York. It was my first time heading back home since I moved out to California nearly 2 years ago. Kyle came with me, and it’s a good thing because I absolutely hate flying, and he was able to (barely) keep me together during the trip. My visit was only 4 […]

I was probably roofied last night. 4

On Tuesday nights, Kyle and I go to a local bar up the street from where we live for karaoke. I drink vodka and cranberries, he drinks his beers, we have a good time. Usually. Towards the very end of the night, I was feeling really fucked up. We left, and I had a hard […]

Stop using art supplies on your face

(stock photo from freeimages.com) These days, it seems I can’t look anywhere on the internet (read also: tumblr and pinterest) without seeing some kind of beauty “hack” that involves turning crayons, colored pencils, and even acrylic paint into some kind of cosmetic application. At first glance, it seems awesome: DIY cosmetics that save you a […]

Fallout 4

I just want to start off by saying that I’m no expert gamer. I tend to have a run-in-guns-a-blazing or button mash approach to fighting, and when it comes to game armor, I tend to choose form over function. But I do love a good RPG, and I do love me some Bethesda. (I have […]