Dear food service workers 2

I know that for most of you, you didn’t choose the food service life. The food service life chose you, whether it was to work your way through college, to fill the gap between careers, or just because no one else was hiring. The pay sucks (often lower than minimum wage if you’re in the […]


Last weekend, I went to Las Vegas with a couple friends (who also happen to be former coworkers). Mostly we went to attend the International Beauty Show, a huge 3-day expo for beauty professionals. I hadn’t been to one since I was still in cosmetology school (and back then, I didn’t have the income to buy […]

New gender options in the Sims 4 3

Photo from Right now, The Sims 4 stands to be one of the most gender and race inclusive games on the market. There are few other, if any, games out right now that let you be whoever you want, whatever color and size you want, and pursue whatever career and hobbies you want. Even […]

Little Buddy, the baby opossum who couldn’t 4

Yesterday morning, as I was taking Penelope for a lazy walk around the paved paths through our apartment complex, I happened upon a nearly dead baby opossum. The little guy was cold to the touch and barely moving, but still breathing. There was hope yet! I quickly brought Penelope back to the apartment, grabbed a […]

The darker side of family salons 3

(stock photo from I work for a chain of franchise-owned, family-oriented, walk-in-only salons. A large portion of our clients are men and children, though we do get many women as well. Most of the time, the work is very rewarding, because I get a lot of enjoyment out of making people look and feel good […]

Skin care woes 3

While I haven’t always been kind to my skin, I’ve spent most (if not all) of my adult life being very particular about my appearance. I firmly believe that developing trichotillomania as a kid and then being ostracized for it in middle and high school ultimately resulted in my passion for makeup and hair styling […]