Can we lay off the makeup shaming? 4

Recently, a friend of mine had shared a video of a man applying makeup (and totally slaying it, by the way) on his social media. Despite keeping more open minded company, the post opened a can of worms in the comments that I’m all too familiar with. It started predictably enough, with some people expressing their […]

How to Talk to a Woman Who is Wearing Headphones 2

In this digital day and age, talking to people can be difficult. Everyone’s got their nose buried in a smartphone or a tablet, and they’re also usually wearing headphones which adds another barrier to face-to-face communication. If you’re a lonely guy who thinks he’s going to find his next soulmate in the hostile, antisocial woman […]

Dear food service workers 4

I know that for most of you, you didn’t choose the food service life. The food service life chose you, whether it was to work your way through college, to fill the gap between careers, or just because no one else was hiring. The pay sucks (often lower than minimum wage if you’re in the […]

On racism 2

Racism is such a tricky thing. Nobody wants to be branded as a racist, but in reality, most of you ARE racist. Especially if you’re white. We live in a society that feeds us a steady stream of micro aggressions and affects the way we think and feel towards people of color. And since white […]

Stop using art supplies on your face

(stock photo from freeimages.com) These days, it seems I can’t look anywhere on the internet (read also: tumblr and pinterest) without seeing some kind of beauty “hack” that involves turning crayons, colored pencils, and even acrylic paint into some kind of cosmetic application. At first glance, it seems awesome: DIY cosmetics that save you a […]