Looking back on online dating 1

My friend Meghan recently started her own blog to document her misadventures with online dating. Reading the few posts she has so far brought me back to fond memories of a time when I dabbled in online dating. Well, I shouldn’t really say “dabbled”; I spent a good two or three solid years on okcupid. […]

I’m the ex who got fat 5

This post is hard for me to write. I’ve had it rolling around in my brain for a couple weeks now, and I’ve been procrastinating on putting it into physical words. This is a subject that I’ve been fully aware of for the past several years, but it makes me uncomfortable to face. When you […]

Back to my old stomping grounds 2

Last weekend, I visited New York. It was my first time heading back home since I moved out to California nearly 2 years ago. Kyle came with me, and it’s a good thing because I absolutely hate flying, and he was able to (barely) keep me together during the trip. My visit was only 4 […]

I was probably roofied last night. 4

On Tuesday nights, Kyle and I go to a local bar up the street from where we live for karaoke. I drink vodka and cranberries, he drinks his beers, we have a good time. Usually. Towards the very end of the night, I was feeling really fucked up. We left, and I had a hard […]

Anxiety and heart problems 2

As of yesterday, it’s confirmed: I have a prolapse in my mitral valve. I’m sure those of you who are less medically inclined are wondering wtf that means, so I’ll simplify it for you. Here’s a simple diagram of the valves in the heart: image from In a normal, healthy heart, the blood pumps […]

My Mediocre Halloween 2

Halloween this year was kind of a letdown for me. I wasn’t really adamant about putting together a costume, even though I had an idea in mind. I wanted to be my Pathfinder character (an elf rogue named Jothanna) but I dragged my feet on making prosthetic elf ears (I still only have one sculpt […]