Hiatus 2

To those of you who still follow this page and my blog:

I’m not gone, I promise. I know a lot of you miss my rants, witticisms, and photos of my corgi and my makeup, but I’m officially going on an indefinite hiatus.

About 8 months ago, I had breast reduction surgery. I was back to work after about a month and I can function and exercise normally now, but I’m still dealing with post-op care and I had a minor operation to revise parts of the original surgery only a few months ago. Despite being superficially healed, there are still parts of me that are recovering and slow to heal and fully settle into place. I regularly deal with spurts of nerve pain that will diminish with time (they’re already a lot less painful than they were shortly after surgery).

In addition, I started seeing a therapist earlier this year. I’m working on taking a healthy approach to mental illnesses I’ve had since childhood, as well as un-burying the trauma I experienced from an abusive relationship several years ago which continues to negatively affect my mental and physical health. I’m currently trying to find a psychiatrist to get me on a medication that helps, while I continue to take a medication prescribed by my gp that only lessens some of my symptoms.

At this point, I’m taking my life one day at a time. I’ve had to back out of projects that I agreed to help friends with, and working on my blog has been at the absolute bottom of my list of things to do, and requires more mental energy than I’m willing and ready to expend.

I’ll come back to this eventually; I always do. Until then, you can find me (and my dog) on various other social media platforms.

Instagram (mine): arwenface
Instagram (Penelope): penelope_corgi
Tumblr: justsomespacedust
Steam: arwenface

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