Fallout 4

I just want to start off by saying that I’m no expert gamer. I tend to have a run-in-guns-a-blazing or button mash approach to fighting, and when it comes to game armor, I tend to choose form over function. But I do love a good RPG, and I do love me some Bethesda. (I have 458 hours clocked on Steam for Skyrim, and that’s not counting the year and change that I played it before I even signed up for Steam.)

I’m not far into the main storyline yet, but I love just about everything about the game so far. Especially the dog. I mean, a dog companion is the best part of any video game that has a dog companion, but I love how they did this one, and I’m grateful that he’s indestructible, unlike in previous Fallout games.

but just look at him!

The graphics are pretty good. They’re not as blow-me-away amazing as I’d hoped for, but it’s on par with a Skyrim game that’s loaded up with texture and lighting mods. As people start making mods for Fallout 4, it can only get better.

early morning sun filtering through the trees

There are a lot of differences from earlier Fallout games. There’s a much lower S.P.E.C.I.A.L. point buy in the beginning, leaving you with lower starting stats. However, as you level up, you can put perk points into your base stats as well as actual perks. Junk items now have uses, you can scrap them for materials to build up your settlements or enhance armor and weapons, but on the downside these items aren’t fodder for vendors anymore (unless you don’t care about salvaging the scrap stuff, then the junk items are still junk items). You can build and upgrade not just your home but your entire settlements and it makes the house building part of that Skyrim DLC look like child’s play.

As the game grows out of its brand new stage, I’m looking forward to easter eggs and fun things people find in the game. I decided to bring Codsworth (your friendly neighborhood Mr. Handy companion) along for some adventuring, and in the midst of a scuffle he got hit and shouted, “’tis but a scratch!” which I fully believe to be a nod to Monty Python’s Black Knight bit.

Anyway, I don’t have much else to say (except how much I love this game) so here are a couple more screenshots I took.

2015-11-10_00010 2015-11-10_00011 2015-11-10_00012 2015-11-10_00007 2015-11-10_00008

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